Download “108 HP” App for Ambulance Service in Himachal Pradesh

Want to download Official 108 HP Ambulance app on your smartphone? In this article, you will find all the details about the app including the link to download it.

108 HP Ambulance service app in himachal pradesh

Himachal Pradesh becomes the first states who released the smartphone application named as 108 HP for taking advantage of 108 ambulance service. The application is released by the state Health and Family Welfare minister Kaul Singh Thakur.

With the help of 108 HP ambulance app, the local citizens will easily get access to the National Ambulance Service (NAS) during the emergency. The good this about 108 Mobile App is that users are not required to share their personal information like name and location while using or taking the advantage of the app.

The Health Minister on The Ridge (Shimla), flagged off five brand new ambulances under 108-National Ambulance Service. These ambulances will serve local people at health centers of:

  • Gagret in Una district
  • Chatari in Mandi district
  • Rampur and Jalog in Shimla district
  • Bharari in Bilaspur district

The count of the ambulances under 108-National Ambulance Services was 50 in 2015 and after this historic launch, the state has around 199 ambulances serving local people throughout the state.

Adding more information in his statement, he said the government is spending around Rs One Lakh daily on the ambulance service and until now more than 7.50 lakh emergency cases had been facilitated under Nation Ambulance Service.

Use 108 HP Ambulance App on your Smartphone

In case, you’re wondering to avail the official 108 HP ambulance app on your smartphone, then follow all the steps in upcoming lines:

Keep in mind that this application is only available for Android operating system as per our knowledge.

1. Download 108 HP Ambulance App from Google Play Store

2. After that, follow all the registration steps as instructed by the application.

3. Once the registration process is completed, you will receive a unique registration id.

4. Now you need to click on the logo labelled as 108, the app will take you to Google maps and gather all the data of users current location

5. To call 108 HP helpline number user can click on the green button available on the device screen.

Note: While calling 108 HP helpline, make sure GPS and Internet (2G, 3G, or 4G) is enabled on your device.

6. Once your call is connected, your current location along with registration id will be transmittedĀ to one of the counselors of 108 MFP helpline center.

On the basis of your current location on Google maps, the counselors will send the nearest ambulance to your current location.

Easy right? So next time, if you need ambulance emergency services, you must take advantage of the new 108 HP ambulance app.

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